Ark's Buddy Bite Chewable Stick Figure

ARK's Buddy Bite™ Chewable Stick Figure is a fun and friendly way to chew.  The extensions are long enough to reach the back molars where we usually chew the most and for proprioceptive input to the masseter muscle.  The loops are firmer and provide more resistance for chewing on both sides of the mouth at the same time.


Each Buddy Bite™ measures about 3.25" at the widest part, 6.4" tall, just under 1/2" thick, and is the equivalent of 2 Grabbers in surface area.  

Like all ARK chews, the Buddy Bite is available in 3 color-coded toughness levels:

  • Standard - This is the softest level, recommended for mild chewers (those who do not chew through anything).  (Red)
  • XT / Medium Firm - This is the middle level, which we call XT ("Xtra Tough").  It's firmer, but still fairly chewy, recommended for moderate chewers.  (Lime Green)
  • XXT / Very Firm - This is the toughest level, which we call XXT ("Xtra Xtra Tough").  It still has some “chewability” to it, but it’s fairly rigid / pretty firm.  No chew tool is indestructible, but this is usually the longest lasting level for avid chewers.  (Royal Blue)
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