Locator Soccer Ball


Keep relaxed and aware of your client's whereabouts with this Locator, a small two-unit wireless device. 

This soccer ball- shaped unit mounts easily to a client's shoe or belt. Or use the included velcro strap for endless other mounting options. Ideal in public environments such as malls, the unit communicates with a keychain transmitter you keep on hand. Whenever you notice that a client has wandered too far, you simply press the button on the keychain and the soccer ball receiver produces an audible alert that's easy to track.

If you turn around and your client is not there, simply press the button on your handy keychain transmitter to set off an audible alert from over 75 feet away to instantly locate your child and attract attention. This locator comes with long lasting batteries already installed, is affordable, easy to use and most of all, effective.

This locator is constructed with NO snap together parts and you will truly appreciate the solid construction from the moment you take it out of the package! Measuring at just over an inch and a half diameter, it's tiny too!


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