Therapeutic Putty - 2oz


Therapeutic putty is ideal for strengthening hands and improving finger dexterity, as well as a way to relieve stress. Compared to round or egg shaped squeeze balls, therapy putty provides multiple ways to exercise hands and fingers due to the endless number of ways it can be shaped.

Odorless, nonflammable and will not stick to hands.

  • Professional grade therapy putty for hand and finger rehab and exercise, and for stress reduction
  • Odorless, nonflammable and will not stick to hands
  • Multiple levels of resistance available, coded by color
  • Comes in air tight, resealable plastic containers (no frills clinical packaging)
  • With endless ways to be molded or shaped, offers a wider range of possibilities versus squeeze balls
  • Standard size is 2oz, larger amounts can be special ordered 
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